SemSem 06: Agroecosystems in a changing world: emerging social and ecological dynamics

Esta semana nos acompañó la Dr Marney Isaac de la Universidad de Toronto Canada, con la charla,  Agroecosystems in a changing world: emerging social and ecological dynamics.

A continuación puede descargar la presentación: Isaac Sem Sem

Abstract: Innovative approaches to agricultural land management can minimize the environmental and economic risks associated with unprecedented levels of soil degradation, deforestation, fertilization and land use change. These challenges are magnified by a global need for improved food security and a rising interest in ecosystem services. I will discuss how my research program addresses these challenges by examining biophysical interactions and agroecosystem function in modified and diversified landscapes, particularly agroforestry systems. I will also illustrate the social-environmental interactions at play in such landscapes with a critical examination of socio-spatial dynamics of land management.

Bio: Dr. Marney Isaac is an Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Agroecosystems & Development at the University of Toronto, Canada. She conducts interdisciplinary research on plant strategies and the nutrient economy of agroecosystems while concurrently charting the human dimension of agroecosystem management. Her research provides mechanistic insights into the ecological principles, nutrient cycles, and plant-soil interactions that govern the structure and function of agroecosystems, with particular attention on identification of strategies for environmental services, system resilience and sustainable livelihoods. Her research approach makes use of a diverse set of technical tools and employs various temporal and spatial scales: from manipulative trials at the rhizosphere scale to large agroecosystem dynamics. She also supervises an international research program investigating agrarian management networks and environmental governance, with an emphasis on understanding innovation in large social-agroecological systems.